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LED Candle

1. The LED candle comes in the flame-tip shape. Its patent lens allows the LED to give out three-dimension light in multiple directions. This hardy bulb can be used on decorative chandelier lighting, wall sconces and lamps for lighting pictures.
2. Without using the retrofitting kits, we can install this LED candle as simple as installing a normal bulb. Then the old and outdated power-hungry incandescent bulbs can be replaced effortlessly and quickly.
3. The beam angle of the LED candle series could reach 270 degrees. There are three kinds of styles for this candle, including water-clear flame, frosted flame and twisted flame shape.
4. The light dimmable range is from 3% to 100%.
5. The service life of the bulb could last 35,000Hrs and its operating temperature varies between -25℃ and +45℃.

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